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Do you know who you are and why you are here?

Are you living to your full potential?

Are your goals, ideas and dreams actualized?

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More Client Testimonials

I enjoyed the exercises, getting the goals and setting deadlines, identifying passions, translating them into business. I recommend the course!

Eye opening!

Personal goals are realized!

Business goals started on!.

R. Kamau

I have a clearer vision of what I want to achieve and I know what it takes to get there. The course takes you out of your comfort zone. I recommend the course to my mother and sister.

B. Okanja

The coaching made me clear around my business and to start doing what I can with what I have. My business has flourished and grown so much. Highly recommend the coaching. 98% of the participants strongly agreed that

I have created specific plans towards my personal development I have created specific plans towards my business success I am clear on what it will take to achieve my goals I am motivated to attain my goals I would recommend this course to others.

R. Githinji

Renee has an incredible amount of wisdom and life lessons to share. I would highly highly recommend her!.

J. Mutuku

My Five Steps to an Extraordinary Life.


Everyone has a unique purpose. There is a reason why you are here. There is also a reason why you are who you are. Together we will unlock who you are and your unique purpose here on earth.


Deep within you lies immense potential. In this phase I will help you tap into your full potential so that you can create an extraordinary life for you and those around you.


We all have unique passsions, gifts and talents. When harnessed the posibilities to turn them into profitable businesses are endless. Here we will identify your profitable passion.


Without goals you have no direction, without a plan you lack the path to success. I will help you set goals and create a successful plan of action for you to follow.


No action. No success. I am here to ensure your success. I will help keep you accountable to your goals and take action. Imagine having a coach you can count on when you need that extra push.

You are not here by chance. Be courageous and go after your dreams.

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